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Things aren’t going as well in your marriage as you would like them to. It seems like you’re not on the same page in your relationship. Recently, or for a while, you and your partner have felt differently. You and your partner are in a weird position with tough decisions to make. You’ve found yourself considering different options.

“I am not sure I want to stay married, but I am not sure I want a divorce either.”
“Getting separated seems like a good idea, but this conflicts with my values.”
“I want a place that help me gain clarity about my choices and feel supported in my decision. Because I am not sure if it is staying together or not.”
“I’m tired of being stuck in limbo.”

If this sounds familiar, you and your partner could benefit from discernment counseling.

A frustrated couple sits next to each other one the couch. They have decided to pursue discernment counseling in Atlanta, GA with Faith and Family Empowerment.

When Is It Time To Consider Discernment Counseling?

Living in this dynamic is exhausting. It can feel like there is a constant unknown of how it will play out. Yes, there have been issues in your relationship. But, is it worth salvaging? Is there something left than can be fixed? This is a tough question to ask yourself or your partner. What’s more, it can be even more difficult if your answers to this question are different. Luckily, this is something counseling can help with. Having differing ideas about will “fix” the relationship could mean that you’re a mixed-agenda couple. 

Signs You May Be a Mixed-Agenda Couple

Every relationship goes through different scenarios. Because relationships often involve people joining together, there can be complications. Furthermore, every couple has unique circumstances that bring them to this position. There are many reasons to start discernment counseling. If the situations below apply to you, you may be good candidates:
  • One of you wants to save the marriage, and the other isn’t sure that’s possible.
  • It feels like you’re stuck in limbo
  • Nothing seems to help you make the decision
  • You’ve tried traditional couples therapy and someone’s heart just wasn’t in it
  • It’s unclear if a compromise is possible

These are only a few of the reasons couples pursue counseling. Click here to learn about other common reasons.

Discernment Counseling Can Help Bring Clarity To The Status of Your Relationship

A couple lays in bed next to each other playing on their phones, not talking to each other. They are good candidates for discernment counseling in Atlanta, GA with Faith and Family Empowerment.

As marriage counselors, we’ve worked with couples in similar situations you’re in. By working together, we’ve assisted them in the discernment process. Some have chosen to stay married and some have chosen divorce. This is the reality of discernment counseling. In each case, the couple has started off feeling ambiguous. Through discernment counseling, they have found clarity in their decision-making process. Discernment counseling transitioned from being in limbo to moving forward in their lives.

The Faith and Family Empowerment approach to Discernment Counseling

During discernment counseling, the goal is not to make a decision right away. We understand this is a hard decision to make. So, discernment counseling offers a chance to slow down. As a team, we examine the strengths and challenges of your relationship. It is an opportunity to reflect on the successes and the mistakes made in your marriage. Most of the sessions will be done together. However, individual sessions are necessary at times. This is because both partners start in different places. Through discernment counseling, the hope is that both of you find clarity in your decision-making process.

Begin Discernment Counseling in Atlanta, GA

A couple stands next to each other smiling after exercising, They are happy with their decision to pursue discernment counseling in Atlanta, GA with Faith and Family Empowerment.

You don’t have to live in limbo. Discernment counseling can help. You’ll bring clarity to your decision-making process and relationship status. Our Norcross counseling clinic has experienced marriage counselors that can help you. To start your counseling journey, follow these simple steps:
1. Contact me and request an appointment.
2. Get to know your new counselor.
3. Start figuring out the future of your relationship

Other Mental Health Services In Atlanta, GA

Discernment counseling isn’t the only service we offer at Faith and Family Empowerment. We previously offered our counseling services in our Norcross counseling clinic. However, we have transitioned to primarily seeing our clients through online therapy. Our mental health services are extended to individuals, couples, and families. For individuals, we offer anxiety, stress, depression, grief, and relationship counseling for one. In addition to discernment counseling, we offer marriage counseling and affair recovery. We also provide group therapy and counseling for adoptive families. In addition, we offer Christian counseling.

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