3 Ways Individual Counseling Can Help Your Marriage

Even happily married couples can hit obstacles along the way. When this happens, couples can either go it alone and try to work through their issues themselves, or they can seek the guidance of a trained and experienced marriage counselor. While some couples feel their problems should be kept private, many more are finding the value of seeking help from...[ read more ]

How Faith and Psychotherapy Work Together

As a pastoral therapist, I like to work with clients who have faith backgrounds. One of my biggest challenges was finding a personal therapist who would work with my own mental health while not disavowing the importance of my faith. As someone who has been a part of a church background since my youth, I have also been concerned when...[ read more ]

Infertility In Marriage

Imagine talking to your potential spouse about your future. In your discussions you talk about where you will live, what kind of home you will have, your spiritual life, vacation and so forth. In the midst of those discussions you talk about children. Do you want sons or daughters? How many children do you want to have? What are your...[ read more ]

Should Wives Submit to their Husbands?

I was listening to a broadcast where a man was in a church talking about one of the challenges of society was that women were not submitting to their husbands in the home. This person even interpreted the scriptural passage in Ephesians to men that women should not work outside of the home. They should take care of the responsibilities...[ read more ]

3 Ingredients to a Happy Marriage

Have you ever wondered why some marriages last decades while others barely go two years? Why do some couples thrive and grow together while others crash and burn?The secret? There are three secrets, actually; three ingredients to a happy and successful marriage. Without all three of these, many couples will struggle to remain connected and committed.CommunicationCommunication is to a marriage...[ read more ]

Feeling Disconnected? Here are 3 Ways to Reconnect

Thanks to Hollywood, many couples have been led to believe the secret to reconnecting and rekindling the passion is through a Caribbean cruise, sports cars, or jewelry. But the reality is, once there’s a disconnect between partners, gifts and vacations simply won’t cut it.It may seem counterintuitive, but love is mended not through grandiose deeds, but through small acts of...[ read more ]

Rules for a Happy Marriage 2

How do we handle anger and yelling with your spouse? Key point - Address issues that are really bothering you so you won't displace your anger on your spouse or family.

Secondary Stress and Adoptive Parents

I am an adoptive parent of three children. When I first brought my children into my home, I noticed that immediately my house change. Many times I was living in a warzone as my wife and I struggled to teach our children boundaries and structure. Simple tasks like getting ready for school, doing homework, and chores in the house became...[ read more ]

What To Do When Your Partner Refuses Therapy

As a couples counselor, there are times that I find that one member of the couple has reluctantly agreed to come to therapy. That person often feels nothing is wrong while the other partner is desperate for change. Sometimes there is danger in that the resistant partner will cancel or pull away from therapy.   What can you do when...[ read more ]

Why Does My Spouse Not Listen To Me

Have you ever had a dispute or argument with your spouse? You are trying to deal with an issue that repeatedly occurs and you are frustrated. You keep talking and talking and it seems that no one is home. You start yelling but no one seems to be there. It’s almost like your spouse is no longer listening to you....[ read more ]

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